What is a Christmas Tree Topper?

A Christmas Tree Topper is a decoration that is placed at the top of your Christmas tree during the holidays.  Traditionally, two of the most popular types of tree toppers are the angel and the star.  Christmas tree toppers can be very simple or very ornate, and are considered to be the finishing touch to the Christmas Tree. Some tree toppers are changed every year, while others are passed down from generation to generation.

Star or Angel?

The two most common Christmas Tree Toppers are the star and the angel. To the Christian faith, the star symbolizes the Star of Bethlehem and the angel symbolizes the host of angels in the Nativity story. The Star of Bethlehem, also called the Christmas Star, is the star that led the wise men, or magi, to Bethlehem and revealed the birth of Jesus. The magi followed the star, which stopped above the location where Jesus was born. The angel symbolizes the host of angels, angel of the Lord, or heavenly host from the Nativity.

What is your tree topper tradition?

While some people like to hand their Christmas tree toppers down from generation to generation, others prefer to change their topper every year. Some households like to pick a theme for their tree, and then find a tree topper that matches that theme. Some people even change the topper several times during the Christmas season, alternating between the star and the angel. Tree toppers are even used as decorations over the fireplace or on a dining room table. What is your topper tradition? Share your story with us and we will post it on this site.